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If you’ve found us you probably love coffee so much that you seek out the best tasting, Certified Fair Trade Organic coffees available.

You’ve probably been around coffee for years, perhaps starting with Specialty Coffees in the 1980’s, and know your way around fairly well. How and where coffee is grown and harvested, how it’s roasted, how to brew it. You value fair, guaranteed wages for growers and sustainable stewardship of the land where it’s grown.

No matter how much you drink, if you’re like us, great coffee is an important perk in your life. You are not alone in this… coffee is the one of the world’s most heavily traded commodities. In addition to the impact it has as a crop on the economies of producing countries, the cafe and coffee house industry touches millions of lives everyday, worldwide, as well.

We love the place coffee takes in conversation, culture and commerce. We seek out the world’s rarest coffees for taste and consistency. We roast and blend coffees at Port Townsend Coffee Roasting Co. with the hope that you will enjoy every cup.

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